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Summer Book

We are here to colour up your life

Bonnie Studios is here to show you how awesome and powerful colours can be.The world and our lives should be an explosion of colour. If there is colour within nature it means it’s healthy and happy.  Take the coral reefs with all his coloured fish or a garden in full bloom for example.

The human eye can see millions of colours, which is an unspoken and universal language that influences your daily emotions and decisions and affects your mood and the people around you. For example; warm colours - such as red, orange, and yellow - are associated with a range of feelings, including passion, comfort, and power. On the other hand, cool colours - such as blue, green and purple - have the opposite effect and create a calming atmosphere that counteracts feelings of anxiety.

Colours also symbolise concepts like love (green), peace (blue) and joy (violet). They evoke different emotions and meanings based on personal experiences, cultural backgrounds, and individual interpretations. Fascinating don’t you think? The power of colours and the possible combinations are endless and that’s why, we at Bonnie Studios can’t get enough of it.

Colour should always be a part of our daily life. And since you’re here it means that you have joined our mission.

Wear your colours with pride and inspire the ones around.

Power of colours

One of our goals is to bring colour back to the colourless world. We not only restore colour but also attach a feeling to each hue. We aim to enhance emotions through our jewelry Our jewelry is not only designed for pleasure, but each piece brings along a certain emotion apart from compliments. Do you want to know what the color of your jewelry does for you? Check it here in our colour fan

"In colourful, celebration of Iris Apfel, grabbing life with such passion, creativity and fun: “Downtown, they think they’re stylish, but they all wear black. That’s not really style. That’s a uniform."