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how it started

Carlijn's story begins in Laren, a charming town, and unfolds through the bustling streets of Amsterdam. Born in 1987 into an entrepreneurial family, Carlijn's childhood was filled with jewelry and a love for colorful beauty.

At 18, Carlijn embarked on adventures in Amsterdam, where she found inspiration in its diverse cultures. Her love for travel became her guiding light, shaping her dreams and aspirations.

Studying Museology, Carlijn discovered her appreciation for beauty and heritage. But it was during a goldsmith course that she found her true passion. She envisioned a jewelry brand that would bring joy with its vibrant colors and unique designs.

Thus, Bonnie Studios was born—a brand named after the daughter of dear friends. Carlijn wanted to create pieces that empower and excite, each one a reflection of her creative spirit.

For Carlijn, Bonnie Studios is more than a business; it's a journey of personal growth and entrepreneurship. With each piece, she aims to spread happiness and celebrate individuality.

Join Carlijn on this extraordinary journey at Bonnie Studios, where every creation tells a story, and everyone is welcome to be a part of the colorful world she's crafted

We are on a mission to colour up your life. Our aim is to show you how awesome and powerful colours can be as it is an unspoken language guiding our daily emotions and decisions. 


We’ve noticed that our world is dominated by black, white and grey items. According to research approximately 60% in total. That bothers us, because colours have so much power and benefits. We want to change this black and white norm by adding colours to our lives. A colourful life is filled with enthusiasm, joy and purpose, rather  than simply existing in a state of monotony or boredom. Be like a rainbow, use every colour out there!

Come join us as we bring a bunch of creativity and colour back into the world with our beautiful designed and handpicked pieces.