How it started

About Bonnie

The owner/designer Carlijn has always had a passion for jewelry. As a child she was already attracted to her mothers jewelry box and loved to play with it. 

Last year she took this to a higher level and started a course in goldsmithing. But her real love is with colors, beads and pearls and likes to have them reflected in her designs.

During her course she found out that she loves to be creative with her hands, but her preference is to work with natural materials such as gold and pearls.

Carlijn quickly turned her creative colourful ideas into jewelry. A few months later Bonnie was born! Besides adding a little more color into this world, she also finds it important to give a social return as well. 

Part of the collection are handmade in the Netherlands not only by Carlijn herself, but also by people who are further away from the labour market and this way get the chance to be involved in a community.

We work as much as possible with natural products and have zero waste. She gets her inspiration from the trips she makes and from what she sees around her.

Wondering who the creator is behind the Bonnie Studios brand? Someone who is enthusiastic loves to travel and is passionate about sharing her own jewelry creations with you!

The Bonnies will add more colour and happiness to your daily life! Lets colour up your daliy look! 

P.s. Did you know that the Bonnies are named by Carlijn's old lovers? We gave them some extra color and pearls 😉 Which one is your favorite?!

Bonnie Studios

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