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Explore the countless possibilities with our diverse selection of necklaces!
From elegant styles to playful designs, our collection offers colours, patterns and lengths. Create your own unique combinations by layering our necklaces!

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Sold outBoris Funky NecklaceBoris Funky Necklace
Boris Funky Necklace Sale price€49.95
Bonnie Pendant NecklaceBonnie Pendant Necklace
Bonnie Pendant Necklace Sale price€44.95
Sold outAlex Blue NecklaceAlex Blue Necklace
Alex Blue Necklace Sale price€44.95
Star Mixed NecklaceStar Mixed Necklace
Star Mixed Necklace Sale price€49.95
Charlie Green NecklaceCharlie Green Necklace
Charlie Green Necklace Sale price€59.95
Bonnie Ball NecklaceBonnie Ball Necklace
Bonnie Ball Necklace Sale price€69.95
Mickey Green mix NecklaceMickey Green mix Necklace
Mickey Green mix Necklace Sale price€44.95
Luc Big White NecklaceLuc Big White Necklace
Luc Big White Necklace Sale price€44.95
Tommy Tube Orange NecklaceBonnie Studios Tommy Tube Orange Necklace Necklace Orange
Tommy Tube Orange Necklace Sale price€74.95
Mace Rose Quartz NecklaceMace Rose Quartz Necklace
Mace Rose Quartz Necklace Sale price€69.95
William NecklaceWilliam Necklace
William Necklace Sale price€69.95
Flint Shell NecklaceFlint Shell Necklace
Flint Shell Necklace Sale price€44.95
Bonnie Snake NecklaceBonnie Snake Necklace
Bonnie Snake Necklace Sale price€49.95
Roger Double Purple NecklaceRoger Double Purple Necklace
Roger Double Purple Necklace Sale price€64.95
William Rainbow NecklaceWilliam Rainbow Necklace
William Rainbow Necklace Sale price€69.95
Flint Gold NecklaceBonnie Studios Flint Gold Necklace Necklace white
Flint Gold Necklace Sale price€69.95
Math Summer ChokerMath Summer Choker
Math Summer Choker Sale price€69.95
Oliver Pearl NecklaceOliver Pearl Necklace
Oliver Pearl Necklace Sale price€49.95
Bonnie Bean Silver NecklaceBonnie Bean Silver Necklace
Bonnie Bean Silver Necklace Sale price€69.95
Math Robe Necklace
Math Robe Necklace Sale price€74.95
Bonnie Ball NecklaceBonnie Ball Necklace
Bonnie Ball Necklace Sale price€69.95
Tommy Coral NecklaceBonnie Studios Tommy Coral Necklace Necklace
Tommy Coral Necklace Sale price€69.95
Boy NecklaceBoy Necklace
Boy Necklace Sale price€39.95
Sold outBoyfriend Necklace ~ 18K gold plated stainless steelBoyfriend Necklace ~ 18K gold plated stainless steel
Bonnie Studios Phil Necklace Necklace LilaPhil Necklace
Phil Necklace Sale price€89.95
William Green NecklaceWilliam Green Necklace
William Green Necklace Sale price€69.95
Sold outTommy Flower NecklaceTommy Flower Necklace
Tommy Flower Necklace Sale price€74.95
Boris Smile NecklaceBonnie Studios Boris Smile Necklace Necklace white
Boris Smile Necklace Sale price€49.95
Bonnie Studios Q Summer Necklace Necklace MixedQ Summer Necklace
Q Summer Necklace Sale price€44.95
Tommy Boy NecklaceBonnie Studios Tommy Boy Necklace Necklace Red
Tommy Boy Necklace Sale price€74.95
Tommy Lapis NecklaceTommy Lapis Necklace
Tommy Lapis Necklace Sale price€69.95
Tommy Red Gold NecklaceTommy Red Gold Necklace
Tommy Red Gold Necklace Sale price€59.95
Boris Pearl NecklaceBoris Pearl Necklace
Boris Pearl Necklace Sale price€49.95
Bonnie Studios Bonnie Boy necklace NecklaceBonnie Boy Pearl Necklace
Bonnie Boy Pearl Necklace Sale price€49.95
Sold outRoger Double Pink NecklaceRoger Double Pink Necklace
Roger Double Pink Necklace Sale price€64.95
Sold outRoger Double Pink BraceletRoger Double Pink Bracelet
Roger Double Pink Bracelet Sale price€44.95
Tommy Pink NecklaceTommy Pink Necklace
Tommy Pink Necklace Sale price€59.95
Math Gold NecklaceMath Gold Necklace
Math Gold Necklace Sale price€79.95