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Planet Love

At Bonnie Studio’s, we prioritize our love for the planet. While we acknowledge that we're not yet a 100% sustainable company, we strive to improve with every piece and collection. We are mindful of the ripple effects we create, our work practices, and the materials we use. We make deliberate choices wherever possible, acting from the heart. To make sure we keep making the right steps we’ve created four pillars.

We don’t only love happy nature, but we also love happy people. That’s why we created our Bonnie hair clip in close collaboration with the ‘sociale werkplaats’ where the products are made with love and care by talented individuals who are at a distance from the labour market.  It is Bonnie Studios way of giving back to society.

The world and our lives should be an explosion of colour. If there is colour within nature it means it’s healthy and happy. Take the coral reefs with all his coloured fish or a garden in full bloom for example. At Bonnie Studios we are conscious about which materials we use in our products and the effects they have on the planet. Our linen bags are eco-friendly and the low lobster clasp we use in our collection are made of recycled steel.

At Bonnie Studios we work with small collections and a zero waste policy. However if we do have ‘left-over’ products or broken return items we make sure they get a second chance. Or we try to reuse parts of the products or we donate the products to initiatives that help people we don't have the resources to buy products themselves.