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Carlijn brings her design book and curious mind wherever she goes. She is crazy about prints, pearls and colours.  Colourful inspiration she finds everywhere: in  the violet wildflower valleys in the South of France,  at turmeric yellow herb stalls at the souk in Morocco. But also in a handmade aquarelle painting found in the park or during a dining experience with the most colourful food and ceramics. 

All the pieces at Bonnie Studios are designed to add color to our lives. In return, wearing these colourful pieces will give you confidence, power, make you more receptive to compliments, and boost your own creativity. And in turn, you will radiate this energy to your loved ones around you. Wearing colour is like a continuous wink to the person in front of you


We proudly offer our ‘Re-loved’ service. Falling out of love with your item is not a crime and we are happy to help you to fall  in love again. We  can make some alterations on your jewellery in our beautiful atelier in Amsterdam.  

So if your Bonnie is not the correct size for you or you really would like to change something about it, like adding one green bead to your red necklace. We will make that work, as we believe in a long lasting love between you and your items. We also repair your goodies so you can enjoy them again! If you have doubts about your Bonnie or other questions, we love to help you style your bonnie or answer your questions.


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Saturday and Sunday, Closed.

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