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Introducing our sizzling and oh-so-cute FW'23 collection, "Dreaming"! Get ready to dazzle and delight as you step into a world where dreams come true and style knows no bounds. Each piece is a dreamy concoction of shimmer and charm, designed to ignite your imagination and turn heads wherever you go.

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Tommy Flower BraceletTommy Flower Bracelet
Tommy Flower Bracelet Sale price€41.28
Smiley Ring - 18K gold plated stainless steelSmiley Ring - 18K gold plated stainless steel
YuYu NecklaceYuYu Necklace
YuYu Necklace Sale price€41.28
Strass long hoops 16mmStrass long hoops 16mm
Strass long hoops 16mm Sale price€33.02
Bieber Drops EarringBieber Drops Earring
Bieber Drops Earring Sale price€28.88
Classic Ring - 18K Gold Plated Stainless SteelClassic Ring - 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel
Cloud Smiley ~ Heart PendantCloud Smiley ~ Heart Pendant
Cloud Smiley ~ Heart Pendant Sale price€20.62
Roger Green NecklaceRoger Green Necklace
Roger Green Necklace Sale price€53.68
Mickey NecklaceMickey Necklace
Mickey Necklace Sale price€44.95
YuYu BraceletYuYu Bracelet
YuYu Bracelet Sale price€33.02
Luc Howlite BraceletLuc Howlite Bracelet
Luc Howlite Bracelet Sale price€28.88
Star hoops - 18K gold platedStar hoops - 18K gold plated
Star hoops - 18K gold plated Sale price€33.02
Boyfriend bracelet -  18K gold plated stainless steelBoyfriend bracelet -  18K gold plated stainless steel
Alex NecklaceAlex Necklace
Alex Necklace Sale price€37.15
Big Baroque PearlBig Baroque Pearl
Big Baroque Pearl Sale price€33.02
Croissant Ring - 18K stainless steel gold platedCroissant Ring - 18K stainless steel gold plated
Derreck BraceletDerreck Bracelet
Derreck Bracelet Sale price€41.28
William Amethist NecklaceWilliam Amethist Necklace
William Amethist Necklace Sale price€69.95
Bill big Star BraceletBill big Star Bracelet
Bill big Star Bracelet Sale price€37.15
Roger Navy BraceletRoger Navy Bracelet
Roger Navy Bracelet Sale price€37.15
Bill big star necklaceBill big star necklace
Bill big star necklace Sale price€57.81
Luc Howlite NecklaceLuc Howlite Necklace
Luc Howlite Necklace Sale price€37.15
Wiliam amethist BraceletWiliam amethist Bracelet
Wiliam amethist Bracelet Sale price€41.28
Love EarringLove Earring
Love Earring Sale price€28.88
Derreck NecklaceDerreck Necklace
Derreck Necklace Sale price€61.94
Alex BraceletAlex Bracelet
Alex Bracelet Sale price€28.88
Roger Navy NecklaceRoger Navy Necklace
Roger Navy Necklace Sale price€53.68
Long hoops - 18K gold plated stainless steelLong hoops - 18K gold plated stainless steel
Fred Star BraceletFred Star Bracelet
Fred Star Bracelet Sale price€41.28
Roger Green BraceletRoger Green Bracelet
Roger Green Bracelet Sale price€37.15
Fred Star NecklaceFred Star Necklace
Fred Star Necklace Sale price€57.81
Phil Blue BraceletPhil Blue Bracelet
Phil Blue Bracelet Sale price€57.81
Phill Blue Necklace
Phill Blue Necklace Sale price€74.34
Bill Star Small NecklaceBill Star Small Necklace
Bill Star Small Necklace Sale price€45.41
Bill Star Small Bracelet
Bill Star Small Bracelet Sale price€37.15
Tommy Flower NecklaceTommy Flower Necklace
Tommy Flower Necklace Sale price€61.94
Mickey BraceletMickey Bracelet
Mickey Bracelet Sale price€28.88
Mace Rose Quartz BraceletMace Rose Quartz Bracelet
Mace Rose Quartz Bracelet Sale price€37.15
Mace Rose Quartz NecklaceMace Rose Quartz Necklace
Mace Rose Quartz Necklace Sale price€57.81
Tommy Lapis BraceletTommy Lapis Bracelet
Tommy Lapis Bracelet Sale price€41.28
Tommy Lapis NecklaceTommy Lapis Necklace
Tommy Lapis Necklace Sale price€69.95